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Organic Product Integration and the Domestic Comedy

by How to Watch Television

The debut of Apple's iPad took place during Modern Family's first season. In his essay in How to Watch Television, Kevin Sandler describes how the integration made sense for ABC and Apple, and though controversial among fans, serves as an example of how integration must seem "organic"--a natural fit for the characters and narrative. Phil is an early adopter who desperately wants the device for his birthday. As is the norm in the domestic comedy, the family members work together to resolve the crisis and get Phil his iPad. In this clip we see how the iPad becomes an object of adoration and wonder for the whole extended family.

Modern Family Gets an Ipad

In this episode from the first season of Modern Family, all Phil wants for his birthday is Apple's latest "Game Changer."

from Modern Family (2010)
Creator: ABC
Posted by How to Watch Television