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JFK Assassination and Flow

by How to Watch Television

CBS's live broadcast of the soap opera As the World Turns on November 23, 1963 was interrupted by news bulletins featuring Walter Cronkite. In this historical example of flow, we see the earliest moments of the assassination disrupting--but not ending--typical TV flow. The live performance is first interrupted by an audio announcement from Cronkite of the breaking news, then immediately a NesCafe commercial follows the shocking announcement of the reported shooting of the president. The broadcast of the soap opera resumes, but is interrupted again by another news report. TV's commmercial flow continues with a promotion of an upcoming episode of Route 66. This abbreviated clip does not include later news coverage with video of Cronkite. The entire broadcast is available online.

JFK Assassination and TV Flow

CBS's live broadcast of As the World Turns interrupted with news of assassination of JFK in Dallas.

from As the World Turns (1963)
Creator: CBS
Distributor: CBS
Posted by How to Watch Television