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Grey's Anatomy: The Stripping Intern

by How to Watch Television

As Elana Levine writes in her essay in How to Watch Television, the sexual attractiveness of former lingerie model Izzie is typically (and deliberately) downplayed in Grey's Anatomy. She wears little make-up and her hair is tightly secured. In this scene, she blows up at her colleagues for ogling a modeling spread she posed for as a medical student, then strips down to her underwear to show the mundaneness of exposed flesh. While many representations of women in postfeminist culture depict femininity and sexual attractiveness as women's foremost sources of liberation, Levine argues that in Grey's Anatomy, empowerment comes when the women doctors are seen as medical professionals ahead of sexual beings.

Grey's Anatomy: Izzie Strips

Questions of female empowerment raised in Grey's Anatomy

from Grey's Anatomy (2005)
Creator: ABC
Posted by How to Watch Television