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Grey's Anatomy: Shoes and Surgery

by How to Watch Television

This first-season credit sequence of Grey's Anatomy includes images of sexualized femininity contrary to the show's depiction of women doctors as medical professionals ahead of sexualized beings. Such juxtapositions as red heels and surgical booties belie the program's version of feminist television, as described in Elana Levine's essay in How to Watch Television. While many representations of women in postfeminist culture depict femininity and sexual attractiveness as women's foremost sources of liberation, in Grey's Anatomy, Levine writes, empowerment comes when the women doctors are seen as medical professionals ahead of sexualized beings. See also the clip here on Critical Commons of Izzie stripping in front of her fellow interns.

Grey's Anatomy First Season Intro

Opening theme sequence from the first season of Grey's Anatomy.

from Grey's Anatomy (2005)
Creator: ABC
Posted by How to Watch Television