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Video Fox News: Ground Zero Mosque Coverage
In this clip, we see the adversarial framing typical of the ideological performances and production strategies on Fox News.
Video Flow and IFC's Onion News Network
In this clip from the short-lived IFC news parody program the Onion News Network, we see how the flow of programming segments and branding work hand-in-hand in the convergence era.
Video Hank Williams, Jr. makes his Obama/Hitler Analogy
On Fox & Friends, Hank Williams, Jr. makes an analogy between Hitler and Obama that will cost him his spot on Monday Night Football.
Video Monday Night Football Opening - 1973
This opening for Monday Night Football, early in the program's lifetime on ABC, exhibits an appeal to the "show" of sport.
Video The Wonder Years - Final Scene of Pilot
Kevin comforts Winnie after the death of her brother in Vietnam, and gets his first kiss.
Video Samurai Champloo - Opening
This opening to the anime program Samurai Champloo makes clear its "mixed" appeal for a transnational audience.
Video Modern Family Gets an Ipad
In this episode from the first season of Modern Family, all Phil wants for his birthday is Apple's latest "Game Changer."
Video Family Guy in the 50s Diner
Family Guy visits a 1950s themed diner and a typical assortment of parodic references ensue.
Video NYPD Blue's Nude Awakening
This clip from ABC's NYPD Blue, which features partial nudity, became the center of a legal struggle over broadcast decency guidelines.
Video Grey's Anatomy First Season Intro
Opening theme sequence from the first season of Grey's Anatomy.
Video Battlestar Galactica: Occupation with Moore Commentary
This clip from Occupation, the season 3 premiere, of Battlestar Galactica includes commentary from Moore's podcast for the episode.
Video Grey's Anatomy: Izzie Strips
Questions of female empowerment raised in Grey's Anatomy
Video Shatner takes on Star Trek Fans on SNL
In this Saturday Night Live skit from 1986 which exemplifies typical attitudes about fans of "cult tv", William Shatner encourages Star Trek fans to "get a life."
Video Parks and Recreation's Cultural Forum
In this episode of the NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation, Leslie accidentally steps into the gay marriage debate when she "marries" two male penguins.
Video JFK Assassination and TV Flow
CBS's live broadcast of As the World Turns interrupted with news of assassination of JFK in Dallas.
Video M*A*S*H - The Interview Clip
This clip from "The Interview" episode of M*A*S*H adopts the documentary style to allow its characters to comment on war in unprecedented ways.