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Commentaries on this Media!

Canonical fanvids and the aca-fan

by henryjenkins

Henry Jenkins cites Lim's Us (which includes a brief cameo of Jenkins himself) as part of a small number of fanvids that have achieved canonical status among academics. On his blog, Confessions of an Aca-Fan, Jenkins wonders whether the canonization of a small number of fanvids that easily align with academic interests in fact disserves and misrepresents the diverse field of vidding as a whole: "I see some danger in creating our own academic canon, so to speak, of texts that fit our theoretical frameworks, texts that are sufficiently experimental, queer, political, or whatever else we may decide to focus on...The problem is that by showing the vid every single time...we’re effectively construing a canon, a canon that then gets reflected back on fandom who, of course reads and responds to academic canon formation. Moreover, in so doing, we are on some level ignoring the thousands of vids not as experimental, not as political, not as well edited."

Academic fandom and Lim's "Us"

Lim's Us is among a small number of vids that seems to have achieved canonical status among academics

from Us (2007)
Creator: Lim
Posted by henryjenkins