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Commentaries on this Media!

Losing Our Religions

by ghost lingering

Original vid post here:

Further commentary by me about the series here:

Vid mash ups to covers of "No Church in the Wild" here:

This was originally made as a gift for Sanguinity for the TSCC vid exchange Tight Present. It is a series of character studies, each to a different cover of Losing My Religion, each about a different character on the show. An excuse for theme/variation play and to make the B, C, and D plots A plots, if only briefly.

Losing Our Religions

Summary: Life is bigger. It's bigger than us. (Spoilers for the entire series. Character deaths, both on-screen and implied; dead bodies shown. Attempted suicide & suicidal ideation. Violence including guns, physical altercations)

from Audio: Covers of "Losing My Religion" by Jacqui Naylor, The Huge, Anouk, Elin Swenson, Nina Persson, Tori Amos, Paola Lezzi, Elvis Jackson, Swandive, and YouTube user genper2009 with additional audio from The Conet Project / Video: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2013)
Creator: ghost lingering
Posted by ghost lingering