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Commentaries on this Media!


by ghost lingering

Original Vid Post here:

Brief thoughts on the vid here:

This vid was originally made as a gift for Sanguinity for the vid exchange Tight Present. (All vids were for the show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.) One of her prompts was a vid for the children on the show -- as there are a surprising number of them! -- and I couldn't resist making a super creepy vid. So many apologies to Kermit the Frog, so many!

This vid also is a good example of a vid that I made in order to ask questions, not give answers. Vids are often framed as arguments, visual theses, and that's a framing that rankles, at least for my own work. (Other vidders find it useful and more power to them! But I dislike universally applying it to all vids, particularly my own.) Even when I make vids that could easily be shoehorned into the "vid as argument" framing (see: Shepherds, Dark Paradise), I'm not interested in viewing them as arguments. Certainly they didn't come out of a desire to present a particular argument about the text. Almost inevitably my vids come out of two things: questions I want to ask and/or characters I want to flail about. Some of my vids do present answers to the questions I'm interested in, but I would rather that they raise new questions. I think that this vid is one of my most successful by that measure.

Also, so creepy. So many apologies to elephants, John Henry, and Kermit the Frog.


Summary: Someday we'll find it. (Implied violence towards and around children as per The Sarah Connor Chronicles show.)

from Audio: The Elephant Connection by The Reborn Identity // mashup of Sarah McLachlan & The Elephant Man / Video: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2013)
Creator: ghost lingering
Posted by ghost lingering