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Commentaries on this Media!


by ghost lingering

Original vid post here:

Made for Shati for Festivids 2012/2013. I find that I often make character studies of women, to whom terrible things happen, who -- implicitly or explicitly -- don't want to be saved from them. (See also: Dark Paradise, Sadie Hawkins, Gravity, several of the vids in Losing Our Religions...) This particular iteration of the theme is Cha Song Joo's story in Capital Scandal. She remains one of my favorite characters and almost certainly the most heart-breaking.


Summary: She wouldn't save herself, even if she could. She's happy in her watery grave, I guess she didn't want to be saved that day. (Sexual violence/rape, attempted suicide, violence, death, major spoilers.)

from Audio: Brave by A Particularly Vicious Rumor / Video: Capital Scandal (2013)
Creator: ghost lingering
Posted by ghost lingering