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Text Commentary

Marginal Thinking in "The Darwin Awards"
by Dirk Mateer `

Joseph Fiennes plays an insurance company investigator who is risk averse; in clip we see him taking what seem to be excess precautions against a low probability event (slipping in the tub or shower). The insurance industry makes money by assessing risk. What makes this scene a delightful teaching tool is that you can how risk is evaluated and also how some people over estimate the chances of an event happening to them. Great introduction to risk taking and human rationality.

This Commentary is related to the following Clips:
Marginal Thinking in "The Darwin Awards" by Director: Finn Taylor, Producers: Jason Blum, Debbie Brubaker, Dieter Busch, and Frank Capra III (2006) These two short scenes would be useful for discussing risk aversion.