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Commentaries on this Media!

Righteous Self Documentation

by Gabriel Peters-Lazaro

This ad from Sprint invokes a data driven lifestyle in which constant self documentation is not just a desirable mode of expression, it's a fundamental right. The ad is linked directly to the roll out of the iPhone 5 and highlights technical features of its camera, such as the panorama feature, to underline the necessity of an unlimited data plan. The affordances of digital materiality are linked to economics. A promise is made that life will be more beautiful, more meaningful, more real if you can capture and share it all. That not only will your existence improve, you'll be improving life for everyone on Earth.

I Am Unlimited - Sprint Ad

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An ad from Sprint equating their cellular data plans with an entitled narcissistic lifestyle wherein constant self documentation and sharing is not just desirable, it's a right to be proclaimed and defended.

from I Am Unlimited (2013)
Creator: Digitas and Leo Burnett
Distributor: YouTube
Posted by Gabriel Peters-Lazaro