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CSE 1.12 Stossel Macro 07- Boycotts of sweatshops helpful

by Joe Calhoun

People who boycott products made in "sweatshops" in foreign countries claim to be helping the workers in the factories. Their goals are to improve working conditions and increase wages. Do the boycotts help achieve these goals? The video suggests otherwise. While the working conditions may not be as good and the wages not as high as the people boycotting want, the major point of the video is to think about the alternatives facing the workers. Many times, the workers in the "sweatshops" are earning higher wages than they could in their next-best opportunity. By boycotting, the factories are sometimes forced to close which eliminates jobs which causes those workers to accept lower wages elsewhere. The people who boycott have good intentions. Their actions may not produce the desired results though.

CSE 1.12 Stossel Macro 07- Boycotts of sweatshops helpful

Boycotting products made in "sweatshops" has the appeal of helping workers who make those products. Are the boycotts really helpful?

from 20/20 (2006)
Creator: ABC News
Posted by Joe Calhoun