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Missed the Saturday Dance

by Francesca Coppa

This is the video portion for Missed the Saturday Dance, a McKay/Sheppard World War II AU in Stargate Atlantis fandom, created by Zoetrope. It's told in parallel storylines -- one set during WWII, and one set in the present-day. MtSD can be understood as a multimedia installation, in the sense that it consciously or theatrically plays to the viewer in its scene setting, that it is immersive or universe creating. It's possibly the first fanfic story/piece of fanart to incorporate so many different mediums; it includes this video trailer and two audio trailers that set the tone and mood of the whole piece, and a written story that was told partly in images. The video trailer includes WWII footage and footage from other roles played by the actors who portray John Sheppard and Rodney McKay; likewise, the audio footage weaves together radio broadcasts from WWII with audio from Stargate Atlantis episodes, recontextualizing the show's dialogue.

Missed the Saturday Dance

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This is the video portion to Zoetrope's Missed the Saturday Dance, a Stargate Atlantis multimedia fanwork.

from Missed the Saturday Dance (2006)
Creator: Zoetrope
Distributor: private collection
Posted by Francesca Coppa