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Commentaries on this Media! as Deconstructed Digital Comic

by Erik Loyer

The combination of comics and screens bring the techniques of split screen and loops into play in the same world. Split screen turns space into a game, a playful system for showing relationships between people and things. Loops turn time into a book, enabling specific ranges of time to be revealed at the user’s own pace. In our current media moment, there are plenty of raw materials around from which these types of experiences can be made. As an example, the TNT miniseries Mob City, which aired last fall, launched with an elaborate Twitter campaign that involved tweeting the entire script of the first episode. Some tweets were text only; some combined text and an image; and some were text and a Vine video loop. A special website for the promotion made it possible to scroll through the tweets and, in separate columns, watch as the actors commented on specific lines or clips. As I explored the site, it occurred to me that its creators had inadvertently published the raw materials for a digital comic.

The "adaptweetion" of the script for the pilot of Mob City

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An excerpt of the "adaptweetion" of the pilot script for Mob City, a promotional website for the miniseries that featured tweets of each line of the script accompanied by images, Vine videos, and commentary by the cast and crew.

from (2013)
Creator: Deutsch New York
Distributor: TNT
Posted by Erik Loyer