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Commentaries on this Media!

Combined Spatial and Temporal Transitions in Digital Comics

by Erik Loyer

In the world of “born digital” comics one technique that’s gained some currency is the mixing of both spatial and temporal transitions. While he wasn’t the first to use the technique, the French illustrator Yves Bigerel, also known as Balak, helped to popularize it with his 2009 work About Digital Comics, a manifesto of sorts. In this piece, the reader advances from one frame to the next by clicking or pressing the right arrow button. The transitions are simple cuts from one image to another. We still read time from left to right as in a traditional comic, but each new step can introduce visual changes across the entire field of view and all of its panels simultaneously, an effect that takes advantage of the temporal qualities of the screen.

Excerpt from About Digital Comics

An excerpt from About Digital Comics by Yves Bigerel (aka Balak), which helped to popularize the use of simultaneous stepwise spatial and temporal transitions in digital comics.

from About Digital Comics (2009)
Creator: Yves Bigerel (aka Balak)
Distributor: Yves Bigerel
Posted by Erik Loyer