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Commentaries on this Media!

Adding 3D to the Temporal Map

by Erik Loyer

In Reinventing Comics, Scott McCloud describes comics as "an artist's map of time itself." The cut scenes from the 2005 video game Ultimate Spider-Man add animation to this equation, destabilizing the traditional relationship between comics and time. The techniques seen here use a combination of 2D, 3D, and full motion animation, in one of the more intricate adaptations of comic visual language for screens to date. Here, panels frequently become windows into 3D space, nearly collapsing the temporal map into a form of visual embellishment instead of a storytelling device to be engaged by the viewer/reader.

Animated 3D Comics in Ultimate Spider-Man Video Game

Comic panels become windows to 3D space in this animated adaptation of the visual language of comics featured in the 2005 video game Ultimate Spider-Man.

from Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)
Creator: Brian Michael Bendis, Christopher A. Busse
Distributor: Activision
Posted by Erik Loyer