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Wanderings of Gollum - LotR timeline

by ebreilly

If you peruse “The Tale of the Years”, which is Appendix B of The Lord of the Rings, you will notice a glaring gap in the famous events of Age III that form the core of the narrative of the books and the movies. In the main text (and as represented here), Tolkien does not tell us about any events that occur in the 17 year time span (3001-3018) between when Bilbo Baggins, one of the lead characters, leaves his home in the Shire, and when his nephew Frodo Baggins, leaves the Shire in search for Bilbo (among other things). However, avid fans of LotR, or any careful reader of the Appendices of LotR, will stumble upon many hints at a tense history, the years when key characters in the rest of the book are involved in an adventure behind the scenes, an adventure that has momentous repercussions for the events that are narrated in the main pages of the book and in the movies.

Wanderings of Gollum - LotR Timeline

This is a "movie narrative chart" for The Lord of the Rings (2001-3), by Randall Munroe ( It shows the the timeline of movie character interactions.

from Movie Narrative Charts (2007)
Creator: Randall Munroe
Posted by ebreilly