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The Lord of the Rings - Smeagol vs Deagol

by ebreilly

This clip from LotR--where the transition from Smeagol to Gollum is delightfully and masterfully brought to the screen by Andy Serkis' motion capture performance--is used to interrogate some critical questions we need to ask in order to productively discuss--instead of hastily dismissing--fictional representations of violence. E.g., does Smeagol make a conscious choice to engage in the act of violence? What are the consequences of his action (this clip is excellent at depicting the cost to Smeagol)? And what moral frame does the work place around the depicted violence?

The Lord of the Rings - Smeagol vs Deagol

This clip is used to discuss questions we need to ask to discuss--and potentially not dismiss--fictional representations of violence.

from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
Creator: Peter Jackson
Posted by ebreilly