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Commentaries on this Media!

Rockabillies in Tokyo

by ebreilly

Consider this classic example of a youth subculture. This group of Rockabilly fans gathers regularly on the outer edges of Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan. They have chosen an identity for themselves that harkens back to iconography associated with America in the 1950s, reclaiming the greased back hair, the leather jacket and motorcycle pants, and the Rockabilly music as signs they use to claim affiliation with each other and to signal their distance from the culture around them. As you consider this segment, talk about some of the classic characteristics of a sub-culture, including: Shared identify through rituals, gestures, clothing, language Hierarchy (power differentials within a group) Shared (sometimes alternative) values, including status symbols established within the group

Rockabillies in Tokyo

An example of youth subculture - Rockabilies in Tokyo

from Rockabillies in Tokyo (crazy breakdancing elvis subculture) (2011)
Creator: youtube user L7frost
Posted by ebreilly