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Moby Dick (1956) - "Call me Ishmael"

by ebreilly

A classic formulation of culture was offered by the philosopher and poet Matthew Arnold in his 1869 essay, "Culture and Anarchy." Under Arnold, some aspects of human life—the most elevated or perfected bits, those removed from immediate utilitarian value and from the harshness of a growing machine culture—were worth passing down to the next generation, while others were disposable, perhaps not even culture at all. Those who embrace Arnold focus on the value they see as intrinsic to those "great works." John Huston's Moby Dick, as exemplified by this opening scene, falls into the Arnoldian conception of culture as represented via literary works.

Moby Dick (1956) - Opening Scene - "Call Me Ishmael"

Opening Scene of John Huston's Moby Dick (1956) with the famous line "Call me Ishmael."

from Moby Dick (1956)
Creator: John Huston
Posted by ebreilly