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Lauren Bird on the tragic 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting

by ebreilly

Violence in the real world may often feel meaningless: no matter how hard we try to comprehend what has happened, we can't understand the reasons why someone we care about has been hurt or killed; nothing about the experience makes sense to us. Violence in fiction is rarely "meaningless:" violence often plays important roles in shaping the story or providing insight into the characters. The power of art is that it can transform a "senseless" tragedy in the real world into a source of meaning within the fiction. In doing so, it gives us some way of resolving the conflicting feelings sparked by real world violence, even if it is in a context far removed from our everyday lives. Art may offer us a way of symbolically exerting control over the deep passions and disturbing emotions sparked by actual violence. Consider, for example, this video blog produced by a college student, Lauren Bird, in response to the 2012 shooting which occurred in Aurora, Colorado, during a screening of the film, The Dark Knight Rises. She describes here what some saw as strong parallels between the shooter's persona and motives and the figure of the Joker in the Batman movies. But, she does not stop here...

Lauren Bird on the tragic 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting

Lauren Bird, member of The Harry Potter Alliance, talks about the tragic shooting at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado

from Regarding the Tragedy in Aurora, CO (2012)
Creator: youtube user thehpalliance
Posted by ebreilly