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Haka, from Moby Dick (1998)

by ebreilly

A haka is a traditional dance performed with shouted accompaniment. Contrary to common stereotypes, Hakas are not exclusively war chants—they may express a range of different cultural functions—nor are they performed exclusively by men. There is, however, a strong tradition of Maori warriors performing Hakas as a means of psychological preparation for combat. In the Patrick Stewart version of Moby Dick, Queequeg is depicted performing a Haka below decks as the other shipmates are dancing a jig, one of many ways that the film explicitly acknowledges his Maori background.

Haka, from Moby Dick (1998)

Watch a haka being performed in the 1998 TV movie 'Moby Dick'

from Moby Dick (1998)
Creator: Franc Roddam
Posted by ebreilly