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Frank Wu on Race in America

by ebreilly

A growing percentage of Americans come from mixed race, mixed religion, and/or bilingual families. Americans grow up within multiple cultural traditions, sometimes moving back and forth between them, sometimes creating cultural practices to reflect their hybrid identities. These experiences invite us to move from the concept of multiculturalism as part of society to multiculturalism as part of each individual’s constructed identity. Rather than negotiating between groups, we are increasingly negotiating among competing, sometimes conflicting, identities within ourselves. As Frank H. Wu notes in his book, Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, race is increasingly situational. “Race is meaningless in the abstract; it acquires its meanings as it operates on its surroundings… The same words can take on different meanings depending on the speaker, the audience, the tone, the intention, and the usage.” Sometimes, racial differences matter greatly; sometimes they matter very little, depending on the context. Sometimes, Wu notes, he is perceived as Chinese-American, sometimes Asian-American, sometimes simply Non-White. And the same will be true for many students in the class. In that sense, race is continually negotiated through interactions with other people. Read more at "Flows of Reading":

Frank Wu on Race in America

A video clip showing Frank Wu, author of Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, talks of race in America.

from Frank Wu - Perpetual Foreigner (2006)
Creator: youtube user randippointmade
Posted by ebreilly