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Battlestar Galactica - Scar - Clip 2

by ebreilly

There are strong parallels to be drawn between "Scar," the Cylon Raider Ship, and Moby Dick. The Galactica crew has become obsessed with "Scar" as a malignant and destructive force that has taken the lives of friends who have gone up against it. Throughout the episode, “Scar” sets up the contrast between the ways Starbuck and Kat deal with the fear and loss that surrounds their high-risk profession, much as Melville described Starbuck and Flask as men with radically different tempers and thus with differences in styles of leadership.

Battlestar Galactica - Scar - Clip 2

Clip from Battlestar Galactica to showcase women as heroes and on par with men.

from Battlestar Galactica (2006) (2006)
Creator: Glen A. Larson
Posted by ebreilly