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Commentaries on this Media!

by Danny Baldwin

While much of Jack's (Jack Nicholson's) climactic rampage in "The Shining" involves him screaming out ("Danny! Danny!"), this 2-1/2 minute excerpt is almost entirely wordless (Shelley Duvall briefly mutters "Oh my God" in a state of horror). The scene is a highly dramatic and chaotic exercise in both crosscutting and demarcating the spatial geography between the characters in various parts of the Overlook Hotel. As opposed to Jack screaming out with words, the primary sounds of terror in this clip are Jack's footsteps and the howling of the wind, which fills even the inside of the Overlook.

Shining, The (Kubrick, 1980) — Hiding from Jack

An extended wordless passage of Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) on his murderous third-act rampage in "The Shining."

from The Shining (1980)
Creator: Stanley Kubrick
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Posted by Danny Baldwin