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Beer or Gasoline - Chris Young

by Clair Smith

In this country song from Chris Young's 2006 album, he tells the story of a man whose truck runs out of gas. The man has only $3 to his name, and must choose between buying a gallon of gas or a cold six-pack of Old Milwaukee beer. This is a perfect example of the economic principles of scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost. Resources are scarce; the man is painfully aware of this because he has but $3. Because of his limited resources, he must choose among the things he really wants. For him, his top two choices are beer and gasoline. The opportunity cost of his choice is the best thing he gives up, so when he chooses the beer, his opportunity cost is the gas.

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Beer or Gasoline - Chris Young

In this song Chris Young tells the story of a man who ran out of gas with only $3 in his pocket. He's forced to choose between beer and gasoline.

from Chris Young (2006)
Creator: Chris Young
Distributor: Arista
Posted by Clair Smith