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Commentaries on this Media!


by David E. James

As early as the Three Kingdoms period (57-668 AD), Korean hanji-- the “Thousand Year Paper”-- was recognized as the finest in the world, itself an art and a medium for the production and preservation of the arts of painting and calligraphy. Im Kwon-taek’s film about the revival of the manufacture of hanji is similarly itself a magisterial work of art and the means by which the art of hanji and the other arts it makes possible may themselves be preserved for future generations.

Reflexive Ethnography: Hanji (Dal-bit gil-eo-ol-li-gi)

An example of Im Kwon-Taek’s use of nativist Korean culture as an allegory of cinema (with subtitles)

from Hanji (Dal-bit gil-eo-ol-li-gi) (2012)
Creator: Im Kwon-taek
Posted by David E. James