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Text Commentary

Miranda Breaks the Fourth Wall
by Christine Becker `

Written by and starring Miranda Hart, the BBC sitcom Miranda features Hart playing a character she honed during her standup comedian days, an awkward, bumbling thirty-something woman who nonetheless bounces along happily and self-deprecatingly through life, albeit hounded by a mother who thinks it’s unnatural that her daughter isn’t married with kids yet. Hart says she always envisioned the show as an audience sitcom as an extension of her standup comedy. Depicted here are two consecutive scenes of Hart playing to the audience. She runs a joke shop, a customer has come in and sees Miranda and friend (and love interest) Gary playing with toys, but rather than admitting they were playing childishly with the toys themselves, they lie and say they were just picking up the toys for their children. The lies spiral from there. And make sure to watch through to the second scene, which is a perfect example of how the show breaks the fourth wall.

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Miranda Breaks the Fourth Wall by Miranda Hart (2009) In the BBC sitcom Miranda, the main character breaks the fourth wall repeatedly.