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Commentaries on this Media!

Pilots in Pajamas Staged Sequence

by Christine Becker

Text written by Sara Blaylock, University of Minnesota Duluth: "This clip is meant to document the immediate moments after a US pilot has been shot down and captured by villagers in North Viet Nam. Pilots in Pajamas cameraman, Hans Leupold, describes the sequence as deliberately staged. The clip thus poses the question of cinematic truth and documentary realism in films that are clearly politically motivated."

Pilots in Pajamas clip

A pilot is captured in Heynowski and Scheumann's documentary series Pilots in Pajamas.

from Pilots in Pajamas (1967)
Creator: Walter Heynowski and Gerhard Scheumann
Distributor: Deutscher Fernsehfunk / Fernsehen der DDR
Posted by Christine Becker