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Commentaries on this Media!

Klein Explains LOP

by Christine Becker

This clip is from a 1974 documentary called Prime TV: The Decision Makers, which aired on ABC. According to the entry form submitted along with the episode to the George Foster Peabody Awards, the program “takes a critical look at how prime time network entertainment programs are chosen. It examines the influence of advertisers, ratings, and affiliate stations in the decision making process.” In the clip, former NBC executive Paul Klein explains the logic behind his formulation of the Least Objectionable Programming concept. He insists it’s the TV medium that matters, not the content, because otherwise viewers would have to read a book or talk to their families. As such, it offers a fascinating acknowledgement of a legendary network-era programming philosophy.

Paul Klein Explains "Least Objectionable Programming"

Former NBC exec Paul Klein explains the network programming philosophy he called Least Objectionable Programming in this excerpt from a 1974 documentary about prime-time network TV.

from Primetime TV: The Decision Makers (1974)
Creator: ABC
Distributor: Peabody Awards Archive
Posted by Christine Becker