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Mulvey & Women's Studies on Parks & Rec

by Christine Becker

In the first half of Parks & Rec's fourth season, Andy Dwyer attends a women's studies class that he decides to take. Here in the second half of the season, we see that he's reached the final exam. Wife April Ludgate tests him on his knowledge of Laura Mulvey (excuse me....Laura Mul-vay), he earns a P on his women's studies oral final exam (but not the elusive P+), and he chuckles when Chris Traeger mentions the male gaze. Once again, I am impressed at how favorably this show presents women's studies and female academics, unlike so much of popular culture. (And perhaps not incidentally, this episode aired on International Women's Day)

Mulvey & Women's Studies on Parks & Rec

In this set of clips from Parks and Recreation's "Lucky" (S4E18), Laura Mulvey, the male gaze, and women's studies are referenced.

from Parks and Recreation (2012)
Creator: Writer: Nick Offerman
Distributor: NBC
Posted by Christine Becker