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180-degree line cross in MILLIONS

by Christine Becker

Two clips are joined together here. The first is a scene from the film MILLIONS; it depicts (reductively speaking) an older brother mad at his younger brother over their widower dad dating a new woman. That is followed by the same scene featuring commentary from director Danny Boyle (and screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce) about the crossing the 180-degree line in the scene. What I find most intriguing about this is how subtle the violation is; viewers will be hard-pressed to notice anything visually askew. But as Boyle explains, he's expecting that the viewer will implicitly sense something is wrong visually, which will underscore the emotion of the scene, the ugly tension between two brothers. We don't even need to know the rules to experience the effect of their violation. Also important is Boyle's contention that he was told he wouldn't be able to cut the scene together with such a violation, but he insisted it would work. And it did.

180-degree rule violation explanation from MILLIONS

This is a scene from MILLIONS followed by DVD commentary explaining the scene's purposeful violation of the 180-degree rule.

from MILLIONS (2005)
Creator: Director: Danny Boyle
Distributor: Fox Searchlight DVD
Posted by Christine Becker