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Lecture Library

The University of California in Popular Media
by Curtis Marez

Films and TV shows representing different UC campuses

This collection of clips and commentary, from the silent era to the present, focuses on works filmed at UC campuses (and in two cases at California State Colleges).  Each clip and commentary raises questions about the popular dreams, desires and fears associated with public universities and their incorporation of various kinds of difference.

Dystopian Science Fiction and the Death of Public Education: The Running Man (1987) by Paul Michael Glasser (1987) A former policeman and escaped convict (Schwarzenegger) is released from his high-tech chains and learns that in the future public education has been replaced by state run TV.
Fascist education in Starship Troopers by Paul Verhoeven (1997) A more compact and re-transcoded video of a futuristic classroom where a teacher and students discuss their fascist social order.