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Representing Professors: Junior, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
University Architectures make Dreams for Public Education Concrete
Professor Hesse Defends his “Research”
The Dream of Public Education
Attacks on Public Institutions: The Running Man (1987)
Dystopian Science Fiction and the Death of Public Education: The Running Man (1987)
Dystopian Science Fiction and Anti-Government Freedom Fighters
The Racialization of University Space
Feminist Detection at UCSD: Veronica Mars
Majoring in Criminology
A Black College Student Presents a Theory of Power: Higher Learning
Representing Students: Junior
Writing a College Paper: Higher Learning
Students and a Professor Discuss How to Use Education
Imagining UC Students: The Blot (1921)
Faschist Public Education in Starship Troopers
Cesar Chavez's Short Handled Hoe
Using technology to produce Mexican audiences
Imagining Mexican audiences in Break of Dawn
Radio Audience Morphs into Activists: Break of Dawn
MacGyver Joins the Farm Worker Struggle against Pesticides
MacGyver Goes Undercover, Performs Farm Worker Utopia
Union Meeting from Salt of the Earth
La Bamba and the Farm Worker Origins of Rock and Roll
Cesar Chavez Dances
Chicano Drone Pilot Blows up neoliberal "Death Star"
Race and CGI
Luke's identity as a farm boy is established
UFW Computer Animation
Cesar Dances
Luke destroys the Death Star
The Joads arrive in California's San Joaquin Valley
The Joads arrive in an oppressive labor camp.
Tom Joad's final speech.
Curt in American Graffiti hangs out with Latino hoods
A migrant worker attempts to escape forced labor in a meth-making camp.
A migrant worker blows up a meth lab
Movie Theaters as Spaces of Farm Worker Domination and Utopian Resistance
Cameras as a means of policing farm workers
Cameras as means of policing farm workers
Farm Machinery Murder Weapon
The Steam Man
Representing California Agricultural Land: The Big Valley
New Media Technologies as Weapons of Vigilante Border Policing
Nativist technologies in The Gate Keeper (2001)
New Media as Weapons of Border Policing
Representing Migration: Project Moonbase
Frank Read etif
Corporate Futurism
Destination Moon as Migrant Narrative
Stephen Colbert Testifies to Congres About Being a Farm Worker
TV Ad for "Hands Across America"
The Title Sequence for Si Se Puede
Ricardo Dominguez Performs Cesar Chavez
Police Violence against the UFW
Alien Tractor
Farmer in the Sky
Visualizing Future Farming
Paul Robeson in Northern Africa
Paul Robeson's Post-Colonial "My Way"
Native American College Student Confronts Racism
Universities as Sites of Race and Gender Conflict
Chavez Memorial
The Spook who Sat by the Door