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Chicano Drone Pilot Blows up neoliberal "Death Star"

by Curtis Marez

Recalling Star Wars and the destruction of the Death Star, in the climax of Sleep Dealer a Chicano soldier based in San Diego flies an automated drone into Mexico to destroy a heavily guarded private dam that is depriving local peasant farmers of water. Here two icons of agribusiness technological “progress,” the dam and the plane, are represented as weapons of the (U.S.) empire enforcing the privatization of common resources. The film concludes, however, with a utopian fantasy of seizing technology from below, in opposition to state-supported corporate enclosures. 

Chicano Drone Pilot Blows up neoliberal "Death Star"

A Chicano drone pilot attacks the privatization of water by blowing up a dam.

from Sleep Dealer (2008)
Creator: Alex Rivera
Distributor: Maya
Posted by Curtis Marez