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Union Meeting from Salt of the Earth

by Curtis Marez

The famous blacklisted film Salt of the Earth (1954) represents the strike of a group of mostly Mexican mine workers against a large mining corporation in New Mexico in the 1940s. This scene dramatizes a gender-integrated public meeting where women from the community argue that they should take over the strike from the men. The scene and film attempt to represent an “intersectional” social space where relations of race, class and gender overlap, and the filmmakers used the conventions of Hollywood editing and shot composition, alternating between individuals and larger groups in ways that project the conflicted, multiform scene of audience/union formation. 

Intersectional Spaces of Union Audience Formation

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A union meeting from Salt of the Earth.

from Salt of the Earth (1954)
Creator: Herbert J. Bibermen
Distributor: Organa
Posted by Curtis Marez