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Commentaries on this Media!

Magic to Not Be who I Am: Grant Morrison, Chaos Magick, and Western Mystery Traditions

by Christopher Lirette

This is how Grant Morrison uses his magic: to be a character, to force the immaterial through his flesh and Macbook and make it hard, to spread some kind of wacky contagion wherein we—the consumers of superhero-themed media-stuff—might be able to wake up. Not just once, as in Enlightenment, which is dull and too easy, but as in syncing to intermittent wakenings, little enlightenments, being able to become new people and then different people. Read more at the August 11—15 series at In Media Res:

Grant Morrison, Chaos Magic, and the Invisibles

This clip shows Grant Morrison talking about magic, working sigils, and his comic series, The Invisibles, which he envisioned as a hypersigil.

from Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods (2010)
Creator: Patrick Meany, Sequart and Respect! Films
Distributor: Respect! Films
Posted by Christopher Lirette