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Text Commentary

The eroticization of torture in American media post-9/11
by Critical Commons Manager `

There is no doubt that depictions of torture in American commercial media changed after al-Qaeda flew passenger jets into the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon building, but it is difficult to say whether this title sequence from the James Bond film Die Another Day are directly implicated in the shift that may be seen broadly across commercial media of the post-9/11 decade. Daniel Kleinman had created three previous Bond title sequences, all using similar, digitally generated images of naked women, but this was the first time those CG "Bond girls" frolicked around images of Pierce Brosnan (in his final Bond role) being held under water, electrocuted, tortured with scorpions, etc. How might the eroticization of torture in this sequence prepare Americans for the abuses committed by American soldiers at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib?

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The eroticization of torture in Die Another Day by Daniel Kleinman (2002) Torture is shamelessly eroticized in the opening title sequence of Die Another Day, released one year after the al-Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington