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Text Commentary

Rip. Mix. Burn.
by Critical Commons Manager `

This was allegedly the first iPod ad to deploy Apple's "Rip. Mix. Burn" slogan in 2006. A white teenager enters a concert hall filled with popular musicians, each of whom responds to their inclusion on a simulated playlist by being extremely compliant, friendly and/or flirtatious to illustrate the ease of assembling collections of even extremely eclectic music.

Representing a utopian moment in the digitization of commercial music, it is difficult to reconcile this portrayal of collaborative rapport between musicians and consumers seen in this ad with the concurrent shock-and-awe tactics of the RIAA in prosecuting its customers for ripping, mixing and burning music in other contexts.

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Apple ad: Rip. Mix. Burn by Apple (2006) In the first iPod ad from 2006, a white teenager assembles an eclectic playlist from live performers in a concert hall