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Text Commentary

Bee Movie graduation
by Critical Commons Manager `

In Dreamworks' The Bee Movie, an extreme vision of the school-to-work pipeline is seen in the functioning of a beehive. Making frequent allusion to The Graduate, the homogeneity of bee societies prompts a non-conformist bee voiced by Jerry Seinfeld to seek adventure in the world outside, eventually revealing the labor exploitation of the honey industries and organizing a worldwide strike of bees, resulting in a catastrophic agricultural collapse. The depiction of labor organizing is stereotypical of post-McCarthy Hollywood, with striking bees depicted as lazy and uncaring about the global disaster their walkout precipitates. Predictably, the status quo is restored and the bees return to work as an incidental outcome of the resolution of the film's central personal drama, with no significant concessions from the honey industry.

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Bee Movie graduation by Steve Hickner (2007) The school-to-work pipeline is highlighted in this opening scene from The Bee Movie