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Text Commentary

Anti-China racist political ads in 2010 election
by Critical Commons Manager `

The ugliness of political advertising is nowhere more apparent than in the wave of anti-China ads airing in the weeks prior to the 2010 mid-term elections. These ads show that racism and xenophobia are strategies used actively by both Democratic and Republican parties when attempting to deflect responsibility for the domestic economic crisis. These ads are remarkable for their use of stereotypical images (maps, flags, stars, dragons, Chinese characters) and sounds (gongs, Chinese music and language) to signify the evilness of China and to accuse incumbent politicians of colluding in China's economic rise. On October 9, the New York Times reported that "at least 29 candidates have unveiled advertisements suggesting that their opponents have been too sympathetic to China and, as a result, Americans have suffered." The clips linked here represent only a fraction of the more egregious instances of scapegoating China for America's economic woes.

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