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Commentaries on this Media!

Utopian and dystopian futures in Zardoz

by Critical Commons Manager

In 2293 the utopian/dystopian future (that is also an allegory of Nixon-era America) imagined in Zardoz features a ubiquitous artificial intelligence system that has been integrated into a society where no one dies or ages. Some are driven mad by eternal life, others become apathetic, while classes are separated and the technocratic efficiency of an AI agent known as "Tabernacle" is unable to meet basic human needs. The future in Zardoz is bisexual, simultaneously repressed and savage, and the calm veneer of the privileged classes residing in The Vortex is shattered by the animalism of Sean Connery, a male Barbarella who catalyzes a radical social upheaval. 

Allegory of elitist higher education in Zardoz

Scientists seeking the ultimate truth imprison themselves in an eternal vortex but fail to discover the secrets of the universe

from Zardoz (1974)
Creator: John Boorman
Posted by Critical Commons Manager