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Commentaries on this Media!

Wonder Woman meets IRAC

by Critical Commons Manager

In a bizarre narrative contrivance of the late mainframe computer era, Wonder Woman develops a special relationship with an artificially intelligent government supercomputer named IRAC. In this scene, Diana Prince uses her top secret clearance to override the computer's security system to falsify her own identity records. Later in the season, IRAC begins to suspect and then confirms her superhero identity but agrees to keep it secret. The voice interface, like the flashing lights on IRAC's display screen are a concession to the otherwise non-visual experience of using computer terminals for routine database falsification.

Wonder Woman falsifies database records to hide her secret identity

A supercomputer and voice interface allow Wonder Woman to reinvent her history

from Wonder Woman S2 (1977)
Creator: William M. Marston
Distributor: Warner Brothers Television
Posted by Critical Commons Manager