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Commentaries on this Media!

Diegetic shift in Winnie the Pooh

by Critical Commons Manager

The 2011 digital update of Winnie the Pooh surprisingly retains much of what made the original cell animations of the 1960s and 70s great. In this series of clips, characters in the story interact with text as if it were part of the diegetic world of the story. This innovative way of dealing with the adaptation of the story from text to screen reveals the often underutilized potentials of integrating text with character animation. These clips also deploy seamless shifts from intra-diegetic to extra-diegetic narrative spaces, allowing on-screen characters to directly address the narrator and, by extension, the audience, without breaking the internal logic of the story space.

Winnie the Pooh text treatment 2

A musical sequence in which Winnie the Pooh interacts with typographical elements from the book where he originated

from Winnie the Pooh - The Movie (2011)
Creator: Stephen Anderson and Don Hall
Distributor: Walt Disney
Posted by Critical Commons Manager