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Database cinema in action

by Critical Commons Manager

Second only to Gyorgi Palfri's amazing, feature-length supercut narrative Final Cut - Ladies & Gentlemen (2013), Virgil Widrich's Fast Film is among the most virtuosic remixes of Hollywood narrative genres ever made. But where Palfri recut hundreds of live action (and occasionally animated) scenes from iconic films and TV shows (a dazzling feat in its own right), Widrich's process involved laser printing every frame of hundreds of sequences, then re-animating them, often after folding the frames into thousands of origami figures or torn composites. For both works, the entire history of cinematic narrative tropes is reconceived as one massive, infinitely reconfigurable database.

Fast Film

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An homage to Hollywood history composed of 65,000 images from 300 films

from Fast Film (2003)
Creator: Virgil Widrich
Posted by Critical Commons Manager