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Commentaries on this Media!

Adolescent male fantasies at the dawn of the computer age

by Critical Commons Manager

Realizing that they need more power, white suburban adolescent computer geeks hack into an unspecified data center via phone modem to create their perfect woman, scanning in physical and intellectual attributes via FAX machine. When lightning strikes their house during the process, all electronic gadgets and laws of physics in the house go haywire and a physical woman (supermodel Kelly LeBrock) appears to fulfill all their fantasies and usher them into manhood by getting them drunk and introducting them to African-American music at a Blues club. In spite of its overt stupidity and racism, this abominable film was made into a TV series nearly a decade later, spawning 88 episodes on the USA network.

Adolescent fantasies produce the perfect computer generated woman in Weird Science

Adolescent male computer geeks create the perfect woman by hacking into a computer center via phone modem

from Weird Science (1985)
Creator: John Hughes
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Posted by Critical Commons Manager