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Commentaries on this Media!

Computer therapy for Hamlet

by Critical Commons Manager

In this bizarre -- even by Monty Python standards -- and prescient sketch, Shakespeare's Hamlet is subjected to repetitive analysis by a series of sex-obsessed psychiatrists with dubious credentials, culminating in their replacement by a sex-obsessed supercomputer that walks and flies and is ultimately destroyed by a nurse with a bazooka. This is very early in the public imagination of mainframe computers to project this level of human behavior onto a machine that was still remote from most people's daily experience. Possibly the unfamiliarity of the device led to more imaginative projections as to what they might represent for the future of society (and psychotherapy).

Walking supercomputer therapy on Monty Python

A mainframe computer is used on Hamlet for questionable psychiatric therapy

from Monty Python's Flying Circus E43 "Just the Words" (1974)
Creator: Monty Python
Distributor: BBC
Posted by Critical Commons Manager