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Virtual reality as a generic action trope in VR Troopers

by Critical Commons Manager

VR Troopers was created by Haim Saban (creator of the similar Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series), with a cosmetic orientation toward a popularized vision of virtual reality as a generic fantasy action space. Like the more successful MMPR series, VR Troopers relied on stock footage from three different Japanese Metal Hero action series featuring indistinguishable characters in full body suits and motorcycle helmets for all action sequences. Given this cost-saving production structure, the show's investment in "virtual reality" was limited to narrative contrivances allowing its characters to transition between the real and virtual worlds where the narrative and actions sequences played out. VR Troopers quickly exhausted the available supply of stock footage and was canceled after two seasons.

VR Troopers opening titles

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The opening of VR Troopers shows one extreme of the cliche spectrum related to virtual reality in the mid-1990s

from VR Troopers (1994-96)
Creator: Haim Saban
Distributor: Saban Entertainment
Posted by Critical Commons Manager