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Commentaries on this Media!

Sex, violence, adventure and revenge tropes of VR

by Critical Commons Manager

Arriving just two years late to the party for cinematic portrayals of VR in 1995, Menno's Mind recycles only the most obvious cliche's from previous generations of cyber-films. Characters are uploaded to and from computer networks, 3D graphics depict processor activity, and worms visibly consume pixels on screen, while virtual reality simulators allow fantasies to become reality. Menno's Mind is part of the dystopian genre among technology films, even as it presents design fictions for a fully computerized home controlled by a voice interface. The film's terrible writing, acting, directing and effects fall short of redemption even with Corbin Bernson playing a corrupt, fascistic politician who has instituted martial law under the campaign slogan "Until better times arrive" and Star Trek TNG actor Michael Dorn (Worf) and Voyager's emergency medical hologram Robert Picardo in supporting roles.

VR cliches abound in the virtual theme park from Menno's Mind

The PR introduction to a virtual reality theme park offers sex, violence, adventure, nostalgia and revenge

from Menno's Mind (1997)
Creator: Jon Kroll
Distributor: Showtime
Posted by Critical Commons Manager