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Commentaries on this Media!

Strategic product placement in The Island

by Critical Commons Manager

Microsoft's Xbox gaming system features prominently in this narratively superfluous scene from Michael Bay's The Island. Although the scene pre-dates the release of Microsoft's real-world Kinect gestural interface system by several years (2010), The Island appeared in theaters (July 2005) just a few months prior to the release of Microsoft's Xbox 360 console (November 2005). While few prospective buyers would have mistaken the physically immersive, full-body holographic interface and display apparatus in this scene for an actual product in Microsoft's console line, the prevalence of 360 degree kicks in the fight between Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor is conspicuously suggestive of the much anticipated upgrade to Microsoft's gaming system.

Virtual boxing through futuristic product placement in The Island

This future vision of the Xbox game system featured a full-body, holographic gestural interface several years prior to release of the Kinect system

from The Island (2005)
Creator: Michael Bay
Distributor: Dreamworks
Posted by Critical Commons Manager